Networking solutions for tunnel ventilation


Highly redundant and secure network capable of multiple simulation errors with no single point of failure

A tunnel ventilation system that loses network connectivity could have fatal consequences. Having high redundancy is essential to prevent downtime. The combination of FRNT, multiple VLANs, and VRRP in a Westermo network provides extreme redundancy. 

  • EN50121-4 approved  
  • Compact in size with low power consumption and IP40 rating
  • Designed for harsh environmental conditions

To build an extremely redundant and secure network connection between tunnels a Westermo network utilizes FRNT, a network ring protocol that supports up to 200 network switches in Ring configuration size with 20ms network recovery time. Link aggregation further enhances redundancy. VRRP, Virtual router redundancy protocol, allows the Lynx 5512 to act as redundant gateways, while zoning according to 62443 cyber security standards enhances security. 

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Westermo provides products and solutions for most networking applications within the rail industry. Our extensive product range and deep understanding of rail applications ensures that we can offer the best solution for your needs.

Mark Gibbs

Sales, Trains and Trackside

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