Wireless solutions for trains


In some train applications it is not possible to use network cables, for example to get information off the moving train to the ground, connecting carriages where a specialized train coupler is not available for network cables or to provide internet access for personnel and passengers. Westermo can provide a range of wireless products that can meet these needs.

Train-to-Ground communications

Railway networks across the world are becoming increasingly busy. Real-time data providing information on the position of the train, speed and direction is becoming critical in order to maintain effective and secure traffic flow. The RT-3x0 range of Wireless communication devices is designed to provide reliable communications between the moving train and the stations along the ground.

Train-to-train communications

Solutions for interconnecting rail carriages wirelessly remove the need to rebuild the train couplers. This can be especially useful in refurbishment projects where a wireless connection can result in a more cost effective solution that can also handle high data rates.

Improve passenger services

Providing passengers and personel with on board entertainment and Internet access is becoming more important to train operators. Westermo can provide a robust WLAN solutions to adress these needs.


WLAN onboard access point


WLAN node


WLAN access point


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