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Cables and antennas for industrial wireless applications

To complement our range of industrial network devices, Westermo also supply a range of cables. A variety of lengths and protective jackets are available.

Part number
Type Description
Cables for tele modem
1211-2210 Auxil. Cable Auxil.Cable RJ-45/D-sub to DDW-226
Product configuration cable  
1211-2027 Diagnostic / CLI cable Configuration/console cable for WeOS products and diagnostic cable for DDW-120, USB connection, 2 m
M12 cables
3146-1100 M12-M12, 1 m
Ethernet cable M12-M12, 1 m
M12-M12, 5 m
Ethernet cable M12-M12, 5 m
M12-M12, 15 m
Ethernet cable M12-M12, 15 m
M12-RJ-45, 1 m
Ethernet cable M12-RJ-45, 1 m
M12-RJ-45, 5 m
Ethernet cable M12-RJ-45, 5 m
M12-RJ-45, 15 m
Ethernet cable M12-RJ-45, 15 m
M12, 1,5 m
Power cable M12, 1,5 m
M12, 5 m
Power cable M12, 5 m
Cables and antennas for GSM modems

5 m cable between modem and antenna

Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta

Customer service, Westermo North America

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