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The latest version of WeOS can be downloaded and installed on supported products to improve performance and functionality without any additional cost. Fill out the form below to receive an email with a download link to the latest version of WeOS.

Latest version: WeOS 4.28.4
Released 2020-06-26 | Release Notes (PDF) | SHA-256 hash

Previous versions can be found in the WeOS firmware archive.

Complete the form to receive an email with a download link to the latest version of WeOS.

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Simple and quick firmware update

WeConfig makes it very easy to update WeOS devices. Simply select the products to be upgraded in the network map and load the new software. A complete backup of the configuration will be performed before the upgrade begins. If you choose to upgrade multiple devices, WeConfig will suggest the best running order and if an update would fail for any reason, WeConfig will automatically retry the procedure. WeConfig manages the entire process, so in larger networks a huge amount of time can be saved as the update process can be set to run overnight. If you should not be satisfied with the update, it is very simple to roll back to the previous firmware version.

Dakota Diehl

Tech Support, Westermo North America

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